Tiny House questions and answers


How many Tiny Houses have we built?  

6 - unfortunately only one unit is located in Arizona.

But I tell people that I have been building for 30+ years and building a Tiny House is not much different than building the 1,000+ houses I have built in the past.

Will you come to my location and build a Tiny House on site for me? 


No unfortunately we only build Tiny Houses at our location. It keeps the cost down and helps us be more efficient to build in one location.

Do we have financing set up to help them get financed with a lender that we are connected to?

Yes, we have worked with a company called Lightstream out of Atlanta. They are a division of SunTrust Bank and Lightstream is set up to do financing specifically for Tiny Houses. We also have a short list of other lenders that do finance Tiny Houses. I have never worked with them but I have read that they finance Tiny Houses. I would also be happy to help people talk to their bank and help them acquire financing that way. Our plan as we go forward would be to work with several lenders as we get them on board.

Will you build other sizes and models? 

We tell people that we will build anything someone can dream if they want to spend the extra time and money. I have not only built more than 1,000 houses I also used to own a commercial construction company and built out lots of commercial projects. That gives me a great deal more experience than most residential builders.

What does it weigh and can I pull it with a regular pickup?

12,000 to 14,000 lbs. The best way to pull a Tiny House is with a ¾ or 1 ton truck. A regular pickup is usually rated to 6,000 to 8,000 lbs of load to pull. The bigger pickups also have better suspension to handle the tongue weight.


What is the normal lead time to build a Tiny House?

About 4 to 5 weeks for the build out of the Tiny House but it takes about a week or so to get  the fame built so we tell people that they should plan for about 7 weeks.

Do you know where most people are parking a Tiny House?

It's all over the  board. A number of people are parking them at a mobile home or RV park but just as many people are parking them in their back or side yard just like all of the thousands of other RV’s in the world.

What about city/county zoning rules?

In most cases anything on wheels is considered a temporary structure and does not fall under typical zoning rules. So as long as you don’t fight with your neighbors I haven’t seen a lot of kickback.  Several cities/counties all over the world are having housing shortages and inflated costs of housing so many cities and counties are working on making smaller more affordable housing a priority so that the lower income earner can afford to buy more affordable housing. If you are considering buying or building a Tiny House, you should call your state/local legislator and tell them that you want to buy or build a Tiny House because the cost of conventional housing is out of reach and you need them to pass legislation that do allow Tiny Houses as long as they are not an eyesore or low quality.

Can you build one so that it is totally off grid and wouldn’t need any electricity or sewer?

Yes we certainly can build a totally off grid unit. There are several variables that can affect the price. Typically it will run $5,000 to $7,000 extra to build it with a Solar system, composting toilet and all of the tanks ETC.

Are the Tiny Houses built to local and state building codes and do I need to get a building permit?

Because this is more of an RV it doesn’t fit typical building codes. In the Tiny House industry there is a company called NOAH. NOAH is the most recognized inspection and certification company for Tiny Houses. Tiny House USA is a member of the NOAH organization and we build to their specs and they inspect each build during the build process. We get a NOAH seal at completion of each build. We also build to the International Residential Code as well. We do more than I need so I can be sure I am building the best possible Home. 

Do you build the Tiny Houses yourself or do you have someone else build them?

I personally don’t swing a hammer any longer but I have done plenty of building in the past. Today I oversee the building. I am at the job site everyday and I make sure things are done correctly each day. The people that do the actual work have been working with me for several years and they are very familiar with the quality I demand. So the real answer is yes we do build them ourselves.

What fuel does the stove use?

Propane. It’s the most available and practical fuel to use currently.

Does the Tiny House come with a full size refrigerator?

Typically it comes with a ¾ refrigerator but we can fit a full size in with a few modifications.


I viewed one of your tiny houses online. I'd love the chance to come and check one out in person and to talk to you more about it.

Unfortunately we are small potatoes and we don't keep several in stock so to speak. We are building them on an ongoing basis and we are usually in the middle of construction at most times but we also custom build upon request.. People do come by on a regular basis to walk the current build so that does happen all the time. We would be happy to sit down and talk about them if they want to discuss options. We don't mark them up much and in an effort to keep the cost down, we don't keep a lot of inventory. We are selling them as fast as we build them and as we grow we will get to a point that we will have a small inventory as well as we will be building several at a time. Building a company from the ground up takes a lot of planning and a lot of infrastructure so we are putting that all into place as we speak. 

How tall is the House?

It is 13 ft 5 inches tall. It is 1 inch less than the legal limit of 13 ft 6 inches. 

How wide is it?

It is just under 8 ft 6 inches wide. That is the legal limit for towing it down the road

Again, if you can dream it, we can build it.